1st Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism

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And finally, today is THE day. The First Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism will take place today (18th November), from 4:00pm on, and tomorrow (19th November), from 10:00 am until around 1:30 pm. As you may already know, the Fundación Ortega-Marañón, the US Embassy in Spain and Casa Árabe (which will provide the venue) are cooperating with the organisation of the event itself.

I Foro Elcano sobre Terrorismo Global - 1st Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism

The Forum will focus on the challenges posed by international terrorism of a Jihadist nature for the countries of Southern Europe and North Africa located around the Western Mediterranean. Its programme will include a number of panels that will present and debate the development of the terrorist threat in the various countries in the area and also the strategies, policies and measures adopted to counter it.

More specifically, on Monday it will study the threat and counter-terrorist challenges in southern Europe. After a presentation by Fernando Reinares and Carola García-Calvo, there will be an international panel chaired by Rafael Estrella with Herminio Matos, Philippe Migaux, Lorenzo Vidino and Javier Jordán.

On Tuesday, the Forum will focus on the Maghreb and Sahel regions and count on the presence of guests including Aaron Y. Zelin, Jesús Núñez Villaverde and Miguel Ángel Ballesteros, who will participate in two panels chaired by Maria Antonia Mena and Félix Arteaga, respectively.

A very large number people have expressed an interest in coming to the Forum, but unfortunately there is insufficient space for all. Nevertheless, a novelty this time is that the events of both days will be broadcasted via streaming. If you want to know what’s going on at the Forum, just go this website.

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