#IEPG. Measuring the global presence of countries (9): Spain

We continue our series of posts on what’s new on the Elcano Global Presence Index (IEPG) 2012 ranking and it’s about time to talk about our country. Spain is 11th on the IEPG ranking (13th GDP and population of 46,196,276 in 2012), a position it has retained over the[...]

#IEPG. Measuring the global presence of countries (8): Japan

According to a draft of the new national security strategy of Japan released on 11 December, the country must “strengthen its own capabilities and expand its own roles”  seeking a larger role in the Asia-Pacific region as the balance of power shifts with the decline of the U.S influence[...]

Yes Moravcsik, we need to be more positive on Europe; and on the Euro too

The debate on Europe is largely dominated by doomsayers. The dominant discourse is that the European Union is in disarray. European policymakers are unable to get their act together. There is an increased rift between the creditor North and the indebted South. Economically speaking, Europe will be stuck in[...]

#IEPG. Measuring the global presence of countries (7): China

China’s remarkable rise over the past decades has had its reflection on its placing in the IEPG. In 1990 it was 12th, but it has jumped to 4th place in 2012 (much in line with its GDP growth). It has climbed one position since last year’s edition and overtaken France.[...]

1st Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism

And finally, today is THE day. The First Elcano Forum on Global Terrorism will take place today (18th November), from 4:00pm on, and tomorrow (19th November), from 10:00 am until around 1:30 pm. As you may already know, the Fundación Ortega-Marañón, the US Embassy in Spain and Casa Árabe[...]

Is the multipolar world an opportunity for Russia?

Over the past few months, The Elcano Royal Institute has been following Russia’s foreign policy, which is focused on gaining influence in the global agenda. Thus, the Institute has published posts on commercial blocks, Russia’s relations with Latin America, the country’s wish to be a superpower once again and[...]

Moldova at the gates of the EU

The Republic of Moldova is seriously engaged in attempting to gain membership of the European Union. The first step in its ambitious objective was the negotiating process initiated in 2010 as a prelude to a future association agreement. The latter is intended to be an innovative and ambitious document[...]

#IEPG. Measuring the global presence of countries (6): France

On occasion of the recent meeting at the Elcano Royal Institute with the French Ambassador to Spain Jérôme Bonnafont on 29 October,  we continue our series of posts on what’s new on the IEPG 2012 ranking. In 2012 France was 5th in the IEPG, after dropping one place from[...]

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