The BRICS bank: the first big move in China’s global weiqi game

If the BRICS development bank becomes a reality it would be a milestone in the consolidation of this group of emerging markets.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega The English (and British) question in Scotland

A higher degree of autonomy in Scotland can to reopen the "West Lothian question" or the "English question", if the pro-independence lose the referendum on 18 September 2014.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega The European Commission’s politicisation

The European Commission’s greater politicisation is positive in the sense that it brings this essentially bureaucratic institution closer to a more democratic spirit and to the Union’s citizens.

The “Bleu Marine” failure

The elections to the European Parliament allowed the Front National of Marine Le Pen to become the first political force in France. In spite of the victory, Le Pen will have to continue looking for allies. What are you going to do now, Marine? Your dream of a broad Europhobe alliance in the EU parliament will have to wait, at least for the moment.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Iraq’s failures

Iraq has failed as a concept. It has been a failure of seeing democracy as only a question of votes, disregarding the protection and integration of minorities.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Has Putin won?

Has Putin won? In the short term, so it seems. In the long run it is much more uncertain because Western confidence in the Russian President, and in Russia, has evaporated.

Albania: the long road towards the EU

On 4th June, the European Commission recommended that Albania be granted candidate status to EU member states. This is a particularly difficult time for the country to aim at joining the club.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Less Europe? It’s not that easy

To halt or reverse integration would in some cases require the treaties to be reformed, a step that many governments are reluctant to take for fear of the ensuing referendums. The real battle for Europe is beginning now.

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