No coronavirus diplomacy could solely revitalize Turkey-EU relations

Turkey is using the coronavirus diplomacy as a tool to make things better with its European neighbours, but this is not necessarily enough.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Trump and ‘his’ working class

The working class play a significant role in the forthcoming US election, at least as they are conceived by the incumbent.

GAIA-X: an opportunity for the European digital sovereignty?

In the debate over European digital sovereignty which is still unsolved, GAIA-X features opportunities, challenges, and discrepancies.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega To space, in private transport

A private US company put into orbit and delivered two astronauts to the International Space Station. A new era has thereby dawned in the space race.

Politically fractured Spain’s pressing need for consensus post COVID-19

The post COVID-19 crisis in Spain can be better tackled with consensus, but politics is bitterly polarized and fragmented.

Which multilateralism for Cyber Norms?

The cyberspace is far from being integrated into the multilateralism and regional cooperation approaches through norms, an urgent and necessary issue.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Silicon Valley, in remote mode

Will a remote-working version of Silicon Valley –imposed by the fight against the coronavirus pandemic– be able to maintain its creativity and innovation?

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega The virus war with China

So is the pandemic (caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus) the cause or the consequence of the geopolitical clash between the US and China?

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