No electoral system is perfect, but some seem fairer

Spaniards and British are equally fed up with their politicians. In both cases, part of the discontent lies with the electoral systems in each count.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Praise for the whistleblower

The fact that Donald Trump finds himself in dire straits and facing possible impeachment proceedings is due to a whistleblower.

Spain: another democratic deadlock or a coalition government?

The fourth general election in Spain failed to unblock the political impasse and produced a surge in support for the far-right nationalist VOX.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega 1989, 30 years on: from the Iron Curtain to digital curtains

The Berlin wall and the Iron curtain fell thirty years ago. Despite the expansion of freedoms, new walls have been built, but this time they are digital.

Asia-Pacific global presence: the emerged region

The Asia-Pacific region ranks now third in the global presence ranking, after recording an impressive growth since 1990.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Trump first, America less

It may be that the policies of Trump lead to a less influential US which is less capable of maintaining a degree of regional and global stability.

Spanish citizens and Climate Change

Spanish citizens has a strong support for a Climate Change and Energy Transition Law and for the key elements of other countries’ robust climate laws.

Spain 2.0. A policy in search of a government

Digitalisation matters but investing in digital infrastructure is not enough. The EU single market is fundamental if Spain 2.0 is to succeed.

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