European Global Strategy Project: opinions and ideas on the EU’s future as a global actor

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Some weeks ago, the Elcano Royal Institute held a Seminar on the European Global Strategy Project. For the occasion, the Institute brought together several experts on European foreign affairs, including Javier Solana, the EU’s former High Representative for CFSP and author of the European Security Strategy, who actively supports this new initiative. As the seminar was a closed-door workshop, we have now asked some of the experts who took part to answer a number of important questions on core issues that should help determine the EU’s future role in foreign affairs. Their opinions, ideas and proposals, which may not necessarily coincide, should help to generate a useful debate on the EU’s future and on the kind of global actor it can become.

Hacia una Estrategia Global Europea (English and Spanish)

The European Union: what kind of a a global actor?

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