Miguel Otero-Iglesias

Miguel Otero-Iglesias

Senior Analyst at the Elcano Royal Institute and Research Associate at the EU-Asia Institute (ESSCA School of Management) in Paris. His main areas of research are: European economy and emerging markets, European Monetary Union (EMU) and other regional monetary cooperation projects worldwide, international monetary and financial affairs, the power triangle between the EU, China and the US, Europe (especially Germany) in the era of emerging markets, models of capitalism and theories of money and power. He is also the co-initiator of the first European Citizens' initiative Fraternité 2020. @miotei

The BRICS bank: the first big move in China’s global weiqi game

The coming weekend a number of senior officials of the BRICS will arrive to Brazil. Most of them will try to attend the football world cup final on Sunday, but enjoying the atmosphere of the Maracaná stadium will not be the highlight of their visit. After the weekend they [...]

Yes Moravcsik, we need to be more positive on Europe; and on the Euro too

The debate on Europe is largely dominated by doomsayers. The dominant discourse is that the European Union is in disarray. European policymakers are unable to get their act together. There is an increased rift between the creditor North and the indebted South. Economically speaking, Europe will be stuck in [...]

Almighty Merkel: Ready to enter the minefield?

Angela Merkel has emerged as the undisputable winner of the German elections. With these results (almost 42% of the votes) in her third elections Merkel is on a path to join both Kohl and Adenauer as one of the greatest chancellors in German post-war history. The majority of Germans [...]

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