The EU should refuse any negotiation on Huawei

The COVID-19 crisis has underlined China’s lack of transparency. What will the role of Huawei be in the development of European 5G networks?

Trump gets the war he wanted: against China

Trump is running out of time to turn the tide and has put China in the centre of his election strategy. What are the implications Spain and Europe?

Some thoughts on the pre-COVID world. 2019 Elcano Global Presence Index results

According to this year's edition of the Elcano Global Presence Index, the world was already deglobalizing before the COVID-19 pandemic.

A new kid on the block? China in the security conundrum of the eastern Mediterranean

China is a newcomer to the eastern Mediterranean. How does Beijing fit into the complex setting of the eastern Mediterranean?

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega The TikTok war

The ban against an entire string of apps (including TikTok) could have negative consequences for the technological development of China.

Digital rights: a necessary, yet not sufficient framework

Digital rights start to be addressed integrally. But it is essential to work on a significant weakness: the lack of own mechanisms and procedures.

Global Spectator, by Andrés Ortega Multilateralism has lost its way

Multilateralism is not an end in itself, but rather a means, a method, not an absolute goal, and has currently lost its way.

COVID-19 ups Spain’s income inequality

The relative poverty rate in Spain (those living with less than 60% of the median disposable income) is now increasing again and more sharply.

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