Iliana Olivié Aldasoro

Iliana Olivié Aldasoro

Investigadora principal del Real Instituto Elcano y profesora en el Departamento de Economía Aplicada, Estructura e Historia de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Doctora en Economía en 2002, coordina el área de Cooperación Internacional y Desarrollo, y el proyecto del Índice Elcano de Presencia Global. @iolivie

It IS possible to measure the global presence of countries. Check out the IEPG!

A couple of years ago, the Elcano Royal Institute launched a new project: the Elcano Global Presence Index (IEPG, according to its initials in Spanish). The IEPG estimates the international projection of countries in three areas: economic (primary goods, energy, manufactures, services and investments), military (troops deployed and military [...]

(One of) The World’s Next Problems

What does the following graph tell us? Well, quite a few things. First, that domestic inequalities have been rising (at least for the countries plotted) for a few decades now. So yes, maybe equity is another victim of the current crisis and income dispersion has increased faster in the [...]

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